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Postings of recent paintings

Oakland Street Bungalow

A pretty bungalow next door to my house.  Oil on 11 x 14 linen.  “available”

Red Hot

What is left of an old truck stop sign on the outskirts of Meridian, Mississippi.

Abandoned Burger Joint

An abandoned burger joint on Atlanta’s west side.  11″ x 14″  Oil on linen. Happy Father’s day.  You know who I’m talking to..

Building by the Tracks

An odd shaped building by the tracks near midtown Atlanta, with downtown off in the distance.  12″ x 16″  Oil on linen.

Rome Backstreet

A back alley type street full of little cars and motorbikes.  5″ x 7″ oil on linen panel.

Balconies in Rome

Lovely shadows from deco balconies in Rome. Oil on 7″ x 9″ gessoed panel. “Sold”


Harvey’s barber shop on Cheshire Bridge road in Atlanta, on an early sunday morning.  Oil on 5″x7″ linen panel.   “Sold”

489 Peachtree Street

Interesting door in early November light near downtown Atlanta. Oil on 5″ x 7″ linen panel Available at auction for 7 days on ebay Auction ended, “available”

537 Peachtree Street

Blue door in Monterosso

Blue door along a side street in Monterosso, Italy. Oils on 5″x7″ linen panel “Sold”

Monterosso Door #2

A doorway on a narrow sidestreet in Monterosso, Italy.  oils on 5″x7″ linen panel “Sold” Please contact me at

  • I have been painting and illustrating professionally for my entire career. I recently left the graphic arts business to paint full time. Life is grand! If you would like to know more about me, hit the "About" link in the upper right corner. For pricing or any other info please email me. All images on this site are copyright protected by the artist.
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