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Love and Peace to You All!

Thinking of Summer at Granite Lake WI

A couple July scenes in gouache.  6 x 8

Marked Tree Vineyard

Marked Tree Vineyard, located in the Flat Rock NC area.  One of the prettiest spots I’v had the pleasure to paint. Marked Tree Vista 11 x 14 “Sold”     The Road to Marked Tree 11 x 14    The Tasting Room at Marked Tree  12 x 12

The Camarata House

I was nearly defeated by the weather on this grey day, but persevered. Paint box filling with water and snow dropping out of the trees on the canvas. Hands wet and freezing. A friends home near Caesars Head State Park. 9 x 12 oil.

Mini Documentary

My friend Erik Olsen, a very talented film maker shot this short film of me in the studio  

Willow on Granite Lake

Happy Birthday Emily and the rest of America. Our favorite 4th of July spot.  Granite Lake Wisconsin. 6×8  


Happy Fathers Day, especially you, Mike. This was a demo at our 362 Depot street gallery in the River Arts District of Asheville. Rich Nelson and I painted his wife Kim in a 3 hour sitting.  If you are in Asheville stop by.  12 x 16 oil on canvas.

Shasta Airflyte

I painted this demo today for the Asheville Urban Landscape Painters group. This is located at the June Bug Resort In Weaverville, NC.  They have many of these travel campers, restored beautifully.  This one is used as the office.  5o acres surrounded by lovely mountains.  A great morning with lots of fun, talented painters. 9 […]

Spring 1st

A view of my friends Kim and Holly Bertram’s farm in Hendersonville, NC.  Painted near the first day of Spring. Happy 53rd Birthday, Mike.

Our Boy Cooper

So long Cooper, you took such good care of us all of your short life. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.  Give your kids and your dogs a big hug today. Especially you, Mike.    

Happy Holidays to All

A scene from an animation project done a few years ago.

Theo Award

So honored to receive the artist’s choice award and 2nd place in the Bring Us Your Best annual exhibition here in The Asheville area.  “Theo”  24 x 30 oil.

Incoming Storm

Painting the storm clouds at the end of Crab Creek road at Rt 64 when they started heading my way.  Had to pack up in a hurry.  11″ x 14″ oil on linen.

Happy 4th

..and a Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter Emily. A little ray gun from a few years back.

Red Hot

This is a repost, but a good image for a hot summer and Father’s day. I hope all of you Dad’s out there have a great day, especially you, Mike.

Big Foot Bob

My friend Bob Shultz. He is an incredible musician from my hometown of Jackson, Michigan.  6″x12″ oil on linen. Happy New Year to Mike, Celine, Emily, and Thomas!

Nestled In

One of the incredible working barns on the Biltmore Estate on a beautiful day.  I love roaming around there stopping to paint these scenes.  9×12 oil on linen. “Available”

Apple Valley Blossoms

The rain stopped long enough for me to get a couple paintings of the apple blossoms before they fall.  The apple valley, which is just 15 minutes from my house is a wonderland.   This is a 9 x 12 on a linen panel. “Available”

Creek with Sycamores

A creek near our house in Hendersonville, NC.  Oil on 10 x 10 linen. Happy 50th Mike.  Hard to believe.


To you all!   A special wish for Mike, Emily, Celine, Thomas, and any other little bundles of joy you have around the house.

I’ve added a few more

I’ve added a few more, so there are still plenty left.  Small paintings and some drawings at very reduced prices.  Not too late for that last minute gift.   White Urn 5″x7″

Small Pieces at sale prices

I am offering a selection of smaller pieces at reduced prices.  Goto the Smaller Pieces category in the upper right or click this link. Email me at  We’ll arrange payment.

Day 4 in Provence

On day four it was still cloudy with a little rain, but who cares?   I’m in Provence painting.  This granite hill was just behind the Inn, surrounded by cherry orchards and vineyards.  8″ x 10″ oil on panel.

Charcoal Gestures and Drawings

2 minute gesture drawings and 20 minute drawings from my Wednesday night session at the Atlanta Artist’s Center.    Charcoal on 18″ x 24″ charcoal paper.  Click to enlarge.      

White Rooster # 3

A white rooster from Rabun, Gap Georgia.  5″ x 7″ oil on linen panel.  “Available”

Portrait of Joe

A charcoal drawing of my Friend Joe Borri.  18″ x 24″ charcoal on Canson paper.


A great model from my Wednesday night drawing class.   Oil on 11″x14″ linen. “Available”

Happy Birthday

This is a piece done for the Step by Step Illustrated Chinese Cookbook.  Published by Simon and Schuster in the late 70’s.  Watercolor and ink on rice paper.

Mason Mill Park

A plein air done at Mason Woods park in NE Atlanta.  9″ x 12″ oil on canvas.  “available”


    A charcoal drawing of my friend Sarah.  14 x 17

Alec in Shades 2

Another of my friend Alec.  Oil on  5″x7″linen panel.

Happy Birthday

An illustration from the archives.  A magazine ad from the summer of 1978. Happy birthday dear Emily, and a happy 4th to all.

Happy Father’s Day

This is one of my illustrations from the early 80’s.  A murder mystery cover done for Dell publishing Have a great day Mike!

French Quarter Doorway

Today’s post is a doorway in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I don’t remember the street, but I loved the old world look of the architecture. Oil on 8 ” x 10″ linen panel.


Another for the “Men in Hats series”  This a friend from Atlanta who plays a mean guitar. 9″x11″ oil on linen.

Happy Fathers / U.S Open Day

An illustration from a few years back. The model for this is my friend Andy Ayrault, who deserves an honorable mention on fathers day.  Two sets of twins 3 years apart. Acryllics on illustration board

Portrait of a Rooster

A portrait of one fine looking rooster.  Oil on 5″ x 7″ linen panel. “Sold”  

Lakemont #11

A view across the water of the green on # 11 on the Lakemont course at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta.  Oil on linen 6″ x 7 1/2″ Todays post will be available on Ebay for one week. The bidding will start at $75. “Click here to bid”

Winding Road

Today’s post is of a Wisconsin Farm on a winding dirt Road.  Oil on 5″x7″ linen panel. “Available”

Self Portrait with Hat

A very Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter Emily.  To everyone else a happy Fourth of July. Todays post is a self portrait.  I’m wearing what my wife calls my “Norton” hat.  I don’t care, I like the  hat.    Oil on 5″x7″ linen panel. “Sold”

Monterosso Street

Lovely little street in Monterosso, Italy.  Oils on 5″x7″ linen panel.  Ready to frame or may be hung as is. Available Please contact me at

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